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The Jones' Beers and Ales Page

The Beer and Ale Page will include info on Guinness, Murphy's, and Beamish Irish Stouts, which are quite possibly the three greatest beers known to man. Also coming on the Beer and Ale page will be info about several other ales, wines, and spirits. Info, ratings, and comparisons on other drinks such as worldwide stouts, porters, ambers, bitters, whiskeys, and wines will be up and running soon.

Also coming will be info on my and my dad's experiences with homebrewing. We've been brewing close to 5 or years, so we have only nominal experience. We've experimented with several recipies over the batches. He's trying to reproduce the flavor, the aura, of Guinness Extra Stout. I'm just trying to make a good ale than I can enjoy as much as the name brands. Personally, I've been pleased with some of the results, but they've all had to bow down to the greats. Dad insists he's getting close to reproducing Guinness. I admit that it's sometimes hard to tell.

When we finally have it all compiled will post data and info on our brews, including recipies and procedures. Dad has read a lot of homebrewing books (including homebrew guru Michael Jackson) so he might put some reviews and/or recommended readings up. All in all, we have high hopes for the Beer and Ale page.

If you want to be emailed and notified on updates to the Beer and Ale page, email me at with your email address and name (name is optional) as the body of the letter and "Beer and Ale Page Updates" as the subject header. I'll do my best to update this page.

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