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September 2015

Due to the fact that Earthlink refuses to expand their free WebSite database access to customers beyond 10 MB without outrageous fees, I’m going to have to cut out my short stories & witticisms to concentrate on the American Miniature Theater exclusively.

Not that anyone was reading my other stuff in the first place…

An Apology: May 2015

It has been over two decades since I’ve touched this WebSite. When I created it, I thought brashness was a sense of humor and lesser people should read me because I had a superior point of view.

Yes, I was that big of a jerk.

Since then, I’ve gotten Diabetes II, been fired unfairly from two jobs, forced into retirement, have had heart bypass surgery and, oh yes, also went insane with a severe depressive mental breakdown.

I do not recommend any of that happening to you.

I was fired from my last job in the end of January 2014. That international company had stopped providing medical coverage because it was substandard to U.S. Government minimums. My trying to get government health insurance fell apart. Thus I could not afford my “crazy pills” that kept me sane. I followed Alice down the rabbit hole for three months of crazy.

One care worker commented that most people who experienced what I did committed suicide.

Thank you for sharing.

I had heart bypass surgery for Christmas of 2015. From that point until now, with the laundry list of prescribed drugs I’ve been taking, my head has been in a fog. My concentration was shot. Television shows long than a half hour were impossible to watch. In the last two weeks, I started to regain my faculties to see what I have not accomplished over the last few years.

As for my writings, they stalled, too. What happens is I have great beginnings, well-defined characters… and no endings. That is not novel writing. Those are scripts for television. I create episodic adventures that can go on forever. Maybe that’s why I hate most final closing episodes of TV shows. They try to wrap up everything, resulting in dreadfully lame conclusions.

I have to get my act together, which led me to these conclusions: I am not bright or talented enough to do this by myself. I don’t play well with others, an attitude I need to change. None of these projects will ever earn me a dime and anyone who helps me won’t get any money, either. If that kind of insanity motivates you… you are crazier than I am.

But if that interests you, join in. My E-Mail address is inside. Be warned, however. I’m not the most prompt individual. I started writing this four hundred plus word apology at the beginning of April.

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