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"An author is a fool who, not content with boring those he lives with,
insists on boring future generations."

- Charles de Montesquieu (1689-1755), French jurist, philosopher

Mark Corrington's Writer's Block

Americian Miniature Theater

September 2015

Due to the fact that Earthlink refuses to expand their free WebSite database access to customers beyond 10 MB without outrageous fees, Iím going to have to cut out my short stories & witticisms to concentrate on the American Miniature Theater exclusively.

Not that anyone was reading my other stuff in the first placeÖ

To contact me:

Mark Corrington
P.O. Box 1314
Joplin, MO 64802

Americian Miniature Theater

I need just about everything for
the American Miniature Theater.

Vaudeville lasted in North America from the early 1880s until to 1930.
Thatís the time period of my focus.

Sheet Music

I need to add simple sheet music for vocals, the piano & guitar (example inside - My Darling Clementine). According to United States law, any work published before January 1, 1923 anywhere in the world is in the public domain.

As for sheet music published from 1923 to 1930?

The expanded Copyright Act of 1831 states that printed musical compositions are protected under a copyright term of twenty-eight years plus fourteen year renewal periods. The copyright term plus four renewals equals 84 years. Any sheet music published prior to January 1st 1930, the maximum date for the scope of this project, should be safe.

Anyone who sends me sheet music from that era is safe from copyright infringement.

Vaudeville Comedy Routines, Skits
& Dramatic Readings

The above copyright info listed above also applies here.

The major problem is that so much of the material was racially charged. Not just Whites against Blacks but also the Irish, Germans, Italians, Dutch, Mexicans, Chinese, Gays, etc. What was funny then is offensive or meaningless now. That is what Iím trying to avoid.

Performers & Scenery

If you can create character plates or scenery similar to the style I did, I will put them on this WebSite. In fact, in the margins, I want you to put you name, city, state, nation and e-mail address (provided it will be one you will have for many years to come). Bragging rights gladly welcomed.